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Here at GSC, we use a coal-tar emulsion sealer known as Seal-Pave. Seal-Pave is a heavy-duty protective seal for bituminous concrete pavements.

Seal-Pave extends the service life of asphalt concrete pavements by stopping the damaging effect of petroleum derivatives, the drying effects of the sun, oxidation, and water. Seal-Pave is a high solids colloidal dispersion of coal tar pitch in water. After curing, it forms a seal of coal tar pitch fortified with inert mineral fillers.

Seal Coating

Seal coating is a necessity to asphalt services.

Different Types of Sealer

The first thing to know about seal coating is that not all sealers are the same.  There are mainly four different types of sealers.

  1. Coal-Tar Emulsion
  2. Asphalt-Emulsion
  3. Blends
  4. Latex